Thursday, 29 November 2012

Review: Second Time Lucky by Dakota Flint

Second Time Lucky is a self published anthology of three previously released short stories by Dakota Flint, all of which take the theme of a second chance at love. As each story is relatively short I shall cover each one in turn.

The Match

Blurb: Army Captain Thatcher Drake is back from deployment, and he can’t help but seek out Chris Jenkins, the one man he knows he shouldn’t. They’d tried to make it work before Drake left and couldn’t. Not willing to give up so easily this time, Drake proposes a game of one-upmanship, but will it be more than he bargained for? About 5,500 words.

Although I enjoyed this story it was my least favourite out of the anthology. Drake has been away overseas with the army and during that time he didn't bother trying to contact his lover, Chris, and yet was hurt when Chris didn't try to contact him either. Both are stubborn and hard headed and yet are hurt by the other's past actions and to be honest I wanted to crack their heads together, especially because I find the 'I only top so there' trope a little tiresome. If you love someone there's plenty you can do other than penetrative sex so it shouldn't be an issue. I enjoyed the dynamic between them though and the way that the tables were turned. In the end I was happy to see then on the way to a HEA. Grade: Good.

 Breaking Point 

Blurb: Heartbroken and angry after a bad breakup, Jonathan Burns moves back into his childhood home to lick his wounds and regroup. But nothing prepared him for the reality of an adult Eli Jones, the boy next door he used to love, or for Eli’s determination to drive Jonathan insane. Jonathan’s determined not to risk his heart again, but he can’t stop wanting Eli, and it’s only a matter of time before he reaches his breaking point. About 9,500 words.

This was a story where two men, who were once teenage lovers are reunited. Their split was based on one of those 'I was doing it for your own good' type premises which does have the potential to be annoying, but in this case because the focus is on the reconciliation part, I didn't mind it so much. I enjoyed the way that both men reflect on their past behaviour and learn from past mistakes. I also liked that the story took place over a few months, as Jonathan recovers from the break up of a past relationship and comes to the point where he is both ready to move on, and to forgive the past. There's much growth in both characters. The story could have been rather heavy on the angst but that was avoided by some lighthearted moments, and I found I like this a great deal. Grade: Very Good.

First, A Dance

Blurb: Three years ago, Tyler turned his back on Rory, the man he’d sworn to love forever, in order to take a promotion overseas. Realizing it was the worst mistake he ever made, Tyler returns home to convince Rory to give him another chance. But Tyler waited too long, and Rory is about to marry another man. Will Tyler be able to convince Rory to give them both another chance at forever before it’s too late? About 6,700 words.

This short begins with a crisis point. Tyler returns to a past lover, determined to make amends for a selfish act which split them up three years previously. Unfortunately, Rory has moved on and is about to marry another man. I liked the idea of the story, of atoning for past mistakes and trying to recover a lost love, but I was slightly uncomfortable about the fact that it had to be at the expense of another person. I felt so sorry for the unseen Caleb and worried more about his feelings and all the guests and the expense of calling off a wedding, than I did about the two main characters rekindling their lost love. Having said that, I thought the author had done well to show the utter regret in Tyler and his devastation when he learned that it may all be too late. The reconciliation between Rory and Tyler showed how much they still loved one another so I was happy for them in the end. Grade: Very Good.

Overall, this was a well written set of stories, packed full of emotion with some very hot and tender sex scenes.  This author always produces engaging characters and interesting stories.  I enjoyed the theme and found the anthology entertaining. Overall Grade: Very Good.

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  1. Oh, I always feel bad for the "at the expense of" person in stories like "First, a Dance"...

    1. Yes, it helped that we never see Caleb at all, just hear about him second hand from Rory, but that didn't stop me feeling sorry for the poor blighter.


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