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Guest Post: The Power of Forgiveness By Katie Porter

Today it's my great pleasure to introduce Katie Porter to my blog.  Katie, isn't a she, but a 'them' as the name is a pair of writers, Carrie Lofty and Lorelie Brown. Today they are here to promote Came Upon a Midnight Clear and there's a giveaway of that book at the end for one lucky winner. Over to you Katie!

The Power of Forgiveness By Katie Porter 

Nate Carnes and Kyle Wakefield of Came Upon a Midnight Clear  were once powerfully in love. They were impetuous teenagers from very different backgrounds, but that didn’t matter when chemistry and an us-against-the-world bond changed their lives forever.

However, Nate stole a car on the night he and Kyle were supposed to run away together. (Trust us, the book explains the wheres and whys. Wouldn’t want to spoil it for readers!)

Kyle made his share of mistakes too, primarily how he handled the surprise and disappointment of Nate’s criminal actions.

They reunite on the set of a London movie shoot, where Nate is the head stuntman and Kyle is the producer. Of course, being that this is an erotic romance, the sparks fly. It’s as if the ten years between their last, painful goodbye and their surprise reunion never happened. But the past isn’t so easy to forgive and forget. These two stubborn lovers have a lot of issues to work through before their mature selves can rekindle the genuine affection and caring they shared as young men.

That led me to thinking…why is the theme of forgiveness so compelling? I’m a sucker for reunited lovers every time, and I think a lot of that draw is based on forgiveness. There had to be some reason that they broke up in the first place. While those reasons can run the gamut from meddling villains to simpler but equally powerful changes in life circumstances, I like the stories where people very much in love accidentally hurt one another. Blame youth. Blame fears. Blame disappointed expectations. But that hurt needs to be healed before they can fall in love again.

Healing those hurts means forgiveness. They must each acknowledge their own part in the break-up, and find it in themselves to place more value on a shared future than nurturing those ancient grudges.

Kyle and Nate have a long way to go, but that’s the beauty of a romance. You know they’ll get there eventually. And because it’s an erotic romance, they’ll do so with a maximum of angsty, studly passion. Set in London! At Christmas! I can’t think of a prettier, more appropriate place for the miracle of forgiveness.


What the critics are saying: Came Upon a Midnight Clear has been described as “masterful,” (Publisher’s Weekly), “a complex gift,” (Library Journal), and “the perfect piece of erotica: nuanced, complex, dirty, loving, and intimate (RT BookReviews). Not only did the folks at RT make Came Upon a Midnight Clear a 4½ Star Top Pick, they’ve selected it as a Reviewers’ Choice nominee for Best Erotic Romance Ebook of 2012, as well as the Seal of Excellence for best romance novel of December—the first gay romance to receive either honor!


For more about Katie Porter, the co-writing team of Carrie Lofty and Lorelie Brown:

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We'd like to give away a copy of CAME UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR in any digital format. Just answer: Does the theme of forgiveness hold any special appeal for you as a reader, or in your real life?


  1. Thanks for stopping by Katie with this very interesting post. Forgiveness is a very important part of a relationship and when it's done well in a book it can provide a tremendously cathartic moment for the reader.

    Good luck with your new release!

  2. Juliana
    Forgiveness is a huge thing in real life and also in books. Real life people aren't perfect and the ones in books shouldn't be either.
    OceanAkers @

  3. I agree forgiveness is necessary for a relationship to move forward but sometimes forgiveness is hard to come, sometimes impossible.


  4. Forgiveness and redemption are some of my favorite themes!
    brendurbanist at gmail dot com

  5. Sounds like a great book. Please count me in. Thanks!


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