Friday, 7 December 2012

Weekly Round Up

I've not been around much this week because I've been ill. I've had a nasty fluey cold which turned my brain to mush so any ideas about structuring reviews went out the window. Sorry about that. I am feeling a little better today, just blocked up and achy but life has to go on and, apart from Monday, I've had to struggle through the week doped up on paracetamol. Life for a busy mum and administrator can't stop because I've got a bad cold, no matter how much I wanted to stay at home in bed!

My Reading Week
On the plus side, I read quite a few books this week. Mostly, fluffy stuff because I couldn't concentrate for long periods on heavy angst.

His Client by Ava March
Loose id were offering up some of their historicals for $0.99 at Amazon (or 77p in the UK), so I went over and snapped a few up, including this one. Jasper is a prostitute who works in a brothel. He's been in love with one of his clients, Nathaniel for a long time and has even stayed on when he could comfortably retire just so he keeps seeing Nathaniel. However, Nathaniel is in love with his straight best friend and besides, Jasper thinks that no member of the gentry will want to be with a prostitute long term. I really enjoyed this story. Ava March always writes consistently good historicals and this one was no exception. You do have to set aside the fact that after many years as a prostitute, Jasper is remarkably free of a venereal disease and that in all likelihood Nathaniel would not have been interested in a prostitute from St Giles, but that didn't stop me from liking both characters and wishing them well. The scenes where the men are together showed their mutual affection and the leather/role play aspect was very exciting. Overall, a great read for those who like historicals. Grade: Very Good.

Keeping House by Lee Brazil
I've had this in the TBR pile for a while. It tells of rich boy Mischa who is tricked into taking a dare from his brothers where he has to support himself for a year or they'll send him off to College to do a business degree - something Mischa does not want to happen. Mischa manages to get a job as a housekeeper for Donovan and there's an instant attraction between them. Whilst I liked both characters, this wasn't a particularly realistic scenario because for someone who's been pampered all his life I found it difficult to believe he would be able to take to housekeeping as well as he did. However, I liked the sexual tension between the two main characters and the relationship Mischa has with his brothers and his friends. The whole ending was spoiled for me by a large dose of insta-love and so it ended up being just a 'Good' read, and only just.

Telling the Truth by Lee Brazil
I have to be honest and say that I only really read the previous book so I could get onto this next one in the series. This story follows Terry, one of Mischa's brothers who after considering himself straight finds that he is very attracted to Mischa's friend Trick and Dex, who are twins. Again, this wasn't the most realistic of stories, but I liked that at least some attempt had been made to explore the taboo of twins in a sexual relationship. Terry was an interesting character with a good mix of bewilderment and sensible attitude over his realisation that he's gay. The best bits were when Terry was mixing with his family and overall this was a decent read which will appeal to those who like twincest stories. Grade: Good.

This week I also had a guest post by Em woods which you can check out here.

Next Week

I'm not making any promises for next week, but I should have a review of By Chance by Cat Grant and Bittersweet by Dallas Colman. It's possible that I'll also have a review of the All Wrapped Up anthology from Storm Moon Press but we'll see. On Monday there will be a guest post by Katie Porter who is going to  post about the power of forgiveness in her new book Came Upon a Midnight Clear.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I hope you're all staying warm (or cool if you're on the underside of the world).


  1. Ugh. Hope you feel better soon. The insta-love in those other two books was an issue for me, but *shrug* twins. Sigh.

    Have a good weekend and hope you get some rest.

    1. LOL, I like the twincest parts and thought the loving and caring relationship between them worked well with Terry, but it did all happen rather fast :).

      I'm feeling better today and hopefully the cold will be gone soon.

  2. Sending healthy thoughts your way!!

    I finally decided that Lee Brazil just doesn't work for me - too instalovey, etc.

    1. Thanks, Chris :).

      I've read three of his/her books now and I think I feel the same as you.


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