Monday, 4 February 2013

Review: Dead in LA by Lou Harper

This book is divided into two interlinked stories. The first story, Dead in the Hills, introduces us to the characters of Jon and Leander. Jon is a mature College student who decided to go to college after a car accident leaves him unable to stay in the construction business. He needs money so takes on a roommate, Lea. Lea is a psychic who 'finds' things for people.  After helping a couple find their son, he is contacted by Detective Lipkin who wants to Lea to use his abilities to help with a cold case.

Whilst I quite enjoyed the mystery aspect of the book which managed to keep me guessing but wasn't too complicated, it was the way that the relationship developed between Jon and Lea that was the main draw in the story for me.  Jon is a bit of a grumpy guy but as the story develops we see the reasons why he is grumpy and why he feels so downbeat and washed out.  He's suffering a sort of emotional fatigue but Lea manages to creep through his defenses, calling to Jon innate protective nature.  Lea is a quiet, independent guy and the pair seem well suited because Lea's core of strength means that Jon can relax with him. Their feelings develop slowly throughout both stories and the sexual tension zings off the page.

The second story, Dead in the Valley, wasn't as strong with the mystery theme. In fact that part was very weak with one part never solved and the other part relying too much on the crazy actions of another character. However, as the main thrust of the story was the continued development of Jon and Lea's relationship, I didn't mind that so much. The story follows Jon as he meets unexpectedly with an ex-lover, Kevin. There's past hurts between them but Lea acts as a bridge when he starts to feel something strange about the house where Kevin lives with his new lover.

It's in this story that we get to see more of Jon's past and how that has shaped him into the person we see. Jon's feelings for Lea are taking small baby steps as he learns to trust again and by the end things are coming along nicely. It's not all resolved between them and I get the feeling there will be more from this pair in future. I hope so. I also liked seeing Lea in his element as he charms his way through parties and sets up new clients for himself. It's a different side to his personality than we see when he is with Jon and I found that appealing.

Overall, this was an enjoyable pair of stories. The LA setting is strong, especially in the first story, and I liked both characters a great deal. I would recommend this book with a grade of 'Very Good' to those looking for an opposites attract romance with an unusual paranormal subplot.

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  1. This sounds interesting - and also lovely to have you back, Jen! :)

  2. Are there sexy times or is their relationship still in its very early stages by book's end?

    1. There are some sexy times but it's a bit complicated so whilst there is sex they are still in the beginnings of a relationship by the end of the second story.

  3. I definitely want to read more about these two!

  4. Welcome back Jenre! I hope you had a nice reviewing break :)

    Hm. Sounds like a 'me' book. The 'finding things' bit does remind me of Pressure Head though...

    1. Thanks, Orannia :)

      Yes, that part was very similar to Pressure Head. It was still a good read though and you probably will enjoy it.


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